Why Choose Us

Our team have in excess of 35 Years industry experience and are fully CEC accredited Grid connect Solar system installers.

We have established relationships with a select group of Australian owned, established and reliable distributors.

We guarantee the quality of our installation work and we honour component warranties provided by our selection of distributors

As an electrical contractor we have an obligation to ensure your property is also electrically compliant to all Australian regulations and standards. So apart from offering our customers a correct and proven Solar system we will also advise and offer a solution on any electrical noncompliance.

For our customers to make savings on their power bills and use their solar system effectively they need to be “Solar Savvy”. We will Survey the energy efficiency of the major electrical appliances and fittings existing at your property and provide advice on alternatives and options on how to make the most of your solar systems effectiveness.

During our assessment of your property we will discuss your “family profile” and with this information we will offer our customers the correct Solar system installation based on your daily family movements and the daily power consumption your family profile demands.