BYD B-Box HV Battery storage

The B-Box HV battery storage solution is ideal for small to large family’s. The unique feature of the B-Box is that the system is upgradeable form from as little as 5 (usable energy 6.4 kWh) and a maximum of 9 (usable energy 11.52 kWh) battery modules. As each battery module has a usable energy capacity of 1.28 kWh. This means that as your family profile changes you can add extra batteries to meet your family’s demand.

The advantage of a High Voltage battery system is that it allows for a higher level of peak output power for a longer duration. This is ideal for families with A/C systems and Pumps such as Spa and bore retic.

The B-Box HV system is an easy retrofit to existing installations and is compatible with the SMA range of inverters also offered by Enerwest.