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Our promise to you:

Upon completion of your installation, you will receive all relevant documentation including an electrical Installation Safety Certificate which certifies that your installation has been carried out in a compliant manner and meets all of the requirements as outlined in relevant Australian standards for Solar and electrical installations.

Enerwest use panel mounting systems that are installed by our CEC accredited installers, Engineered and fully certified for Australian conditions and tailored to meet the needs of your property.

Customer Care
Terms & Conditions

Our products and services warranties:
Solar Panels A minimum of 10 Years Manufacturers Product Warranty.
25 Year Performance warranty.
String Inverters 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty as standard.
SMA & Fronius Inverters may be extended by 5 years if purchased.
Batteries 10 Year Warranty.
Balance of System 5 Year Warranty.
Installation, Operation & Performance Enerwest provide a 5 year installation, Operation and Performance Warranty.