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Perth’s Best Solar Panel Packages for Families and Businesses

Looking for a high quality, affordable solar panel system for your home or business? Enerwest have a range of solar panels designed to suit your exact needs. Whether you are looking to save money on your power bills or want to create a long term positive impact on the environment, installing solar panels is the way to go.

There are many things to think about when considering solar power for your home and business. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised about the genuine savings a solar system generates, especially in Perth where the cost of power is steadily on the rise.

Knowing the current solar rebates available to you and having a good understanding about how solar panels work will help you determine whether installing a solar panel system is a good investment for you. Having a suitably qualified and experienced technician is also important. Solar panel installers are required to undergo rigorous training by the Clean Energy Council and will have their certification logo displayed proudly on their website.

Enerwest is not only a certified solar panel installer, but is also backed by 35 years’ solid experience in the electrical trade. Enerwest’s reputation for professional, compliant and quality solar panel products and installations is well known. We also proudly provide electrical services to Perth homes and businesses. Please see our client testimonials for more information.

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